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The Jamaica Tourism Minister announced that the island had the most successful winter tourist season in its history.

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Speaking this morning ( December 15 ) at Sangster International Airport ( SIA ), the Hon. It is going to get the busiest spring travel time in Jamaica’s history, according to Minister Bartlett. With a very low 75 % load element from the incoming airlines, we will have more than one million layover arrivals for the season, having previously secured 1.5 million votes across all global markets.
Additionally, SIA was anticipated to reach the breakthrough of receiving 5 million passengers for the first time in a single month, according to Shane Munroe, chief executive officer of MBJ Airports, which oversees the service.
According to Minister Bartlett, the following are being taken into account in relation to the effects of the increase in national earnings flows:
” With 10 consecutive quarters of development, the tourism industry continues to be at the forefront of that.”
The Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB ) also celebrated the beginning of the traditional winter travel time by expressing gratitude to all categories of employees at the SIA with an understanding meal and award presentations.
Tracey Ann Patterson was given the Chairman’s Award from the Jamaica Tourist Board for Outstanding Service, along with other honors such as MBJ Airports being recognized for its 20th year as concessionaire for the aircraft and Port Security being singled out as having excellent company.
SOURCE: The largest spring tourist season in history is announced by the Jamaican tourism minister.  

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