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Jamaica is projected to experience 4.1 million tourists and US$4.3 billion in earnings come 2023.

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Bartlett, the minister of tourism for Jamaica, provided an upgrade on the industry in the House of Representatives earlier this afternoon and outlined positive projections. ” The area should report a total of 4, 122, 100 customers for the time January to December 2023,” he said. This would indicate a 23.7 % increase over the overall number of visitors noted in 2022.
Minister Bartlett emphasized the amazing growth trend by saying that 2, 875, 549 of them are anticipated to be stopover visitors, which would be an increase of 16 % over the number of visitors recorded in 2022. Additionally, we anticipate having 1, 246, 551 cruise passengers at the end of the season, an increase of 46.1 % over the entire for 2022.
He noted that:” This continues the amazing growth pattern of hospitality, with 10 consecutive apartments of substantial progress since the COVID- 19 pandemic, stressing that the firm’s record-breaking recovery seems set to remain.” All signs point to an 11th quarter of major development based on introduction figures to date.
In terms of tourism revenue, the Minister stated that” this influx of visitors is anticipated to generate a whopping US$ 4.265 billion for 2023, representing an anticipated increase of 17.8 % over the revenue secured in 2022 and- 17.2 % increase in revenue over-the-pre-pandemic year of 2019.”
That was emphasized by Minister Bartlett:
” We will be on track to beat our estimates of 4 million customers and US$ 4.1 billion foreign exchange revenue by year’s end if we continue on our remarkable progress direction.”
Moreover, the Minister listed direct revenues to the president’s coffers along with an estimated collapse of these earnings. These include contributions to the US$ 336 million or JA$ 52 billion Guest Accommodation Room Tax ( GART), as well as the Tourism Enhancement Fund ( TEF ) fees, Departure Tax, Airport Improvement Fee, Airline Passenger Levy, Passengers fees and charges.
The Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association ( JHTA ) and other local and international partners, as well as tourism workers, have all contributed significantly to the sector’s continued success, according to Minister Bartlett. The Ministry, its people organizations, and all of its tourism partners, according to the commerce minister, are still dedicated to supporting Jamaica’s ability to continue to be a top travel destination around the world through sustainable growth and resilience.
SOURCE: In 2023, Jamaica is expected to record 4.1 million customers and US$ 4.3 billion.  

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